Scholarship Program FAQ

Q: My child is not pursuing a degree in the oral health or animal health fields. Is he/she still eligible for the scholarship program?

A: Absolutely! All undergraduate majors are welcome. Dependents of full-time Patterson employees, age 24 and under, pursuing any undergraduate course of study at an accredited two- or four-year college or vocational/technical school are eligible to apply. This includes students in job training or associate programs, as well as traditional four-year baccalaureate programs.

Q: My child is already attending college full-time. Is he/she still eligible to apply?

A: Yes! Graduating high school seniors and students already enrolled in an undergraduate program are eligible to apply. Your child will be eligible for the program until he/she obtains an undergraduate degree or turns age 25. 

Q: I noticed the scholarship application asks for financial information. Why is this information required?

A: The program considers financial need when granting scholarships. This means that a student must demonstrate that he/she has a need of $4,500 or greater in order to receive an award. [Important Note: There is not a set family income maximum that removes students from consideration. Instead, financial need is calculated using a formula that takes into account several factors including a family's income, total number of children enrolled in college, other scholarships received, etc.] We encourage all students to apply as long as they meet the basic requirements – dependent of a full-time Patterson employee, age 24 and under and pursuing an undergraduate course of study.

Q: My child applied for the scholarship program last year, but wasn't granted an award. Is it worth re-applying?

A: Yes. We encourage students to apply for the program as long as they meet the basic eligibility requirements – dependent of a full-time Patterson employee, age 24 and under and pursuing an undergraduate course of study. Your child's academic circumstances and the pool of eligible applicants for the scholarship program will change from year to year, so not receiving an award in the past doesn't mean your student will not receive one in the future.

Q: How many students will receive scholarships this year?

A: Due to IRS regulations, the maximum number of scholarships the Patterson Foundation can award is limited to 25% of the total pool of eligible applicants.  Put more simply, the Foundation can award a scholarship to 1 out of every 4 eligible students.  The Foundation has historically awarded the maximum number of scholarships allowed by the IRS each year.  However, the Foundation may choose to award fewer scholarships than the maximum allowed at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Q: Will anyone from Patterson have access to the personal information included on my scholarship application?

A: Patterson Foundation utilizes an independent third party, Scholarship America, to administer the scholarship program.  Selection of recipients is made by Scholarship America.  In no instance does any officer or employee of Patterson Companies, Inc. or Patterson Foundation play a part in the selection process or have access to student applications.

Q: When is the application deadline to apply for the scholarship program?

A: Applications must be submitted online by May 31, 2019.